Temporary and Permanent Registration Services

Electronic Filing System (EFS)

ADDTag is excited to announce the release of its new EFS system. EFS allows dealers to apply to become authorized agents of the tax collector, scanning the required title and registration documents, which are then electronically submitted to the tax collector for grading and finalization. The dealer/agent will also house and issue permanent metal plates, and print permanent registration decals right from their office! No more trips to the tax collector and no paper documents to transfer. New EFS transactions also include a state title and registration fee calculation tool, which based on the information provided returns accurate fees every time. State title registration fees are transferred directly from the dealer/agents checking account via ACH to the tax collector through ADDTag.

Permanent Point of Sale Metal Plate Issuance

Dealer/agents will be issued a set of metal plates from their tax collector. Once the dealer/agent obtains their metal plate inventory, the plates can be issued at point of sale to customers. The dealer/agent will also receive permanent registration decal paper where they will print the permanent registration and decal to affix to the plate.

Permanent Metal Plate Transfer

In addition to issuing new metal plates, dealer/agents can also permanently transfer current metal plates printing out the permanent registration and updated decal direct from their office. Replacement plates can also be issued to customers who still have active plate numbers available in the system.

Florida Electronic Temporary Registration System (ETR)

ADDTag, Inc. partners with the Florida DHSMV to provide a web-portal for Florida automobile dealers to print and report the issuance of temporary license plate and registration data directly into the Florida Real-time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) database.

Florida Temporary Tag - Print-on-Demand (POD)

This service transmits temporary tag information to the Florida DHSMV and prints a temporary tag instantly, from the dealer’s own laser printer. To use ADDTag’s Print-on-Demand service a dealer will need access to the internet, a standard laser printer and an Auto Data Direct account. Temporary tag stock is ordered through ADDTag and all orders placed before 3:00 pm Monday through Friday are shipped the same day. Dealers cannot use pre-printed stock from the Tax Collector’s office unless the DHSMV, ADDTag or your internet service provider/computer system is down and you are unable to process a print-on- demand temp tag. In this case you must fill out the form 82082 and electronically report the tag to the DHSMV within one business day, which is done through ADDTag.

Florida Temporary Transfer of Metal Plates

All Florida auto dealers are required by law to electronically report the transfer of a metal license plate as it is being moved from one vehicle to another. The electronic report will create a temporary registration in the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) database, and should be completed prior to a customer driving off the lot. This is a change for dealers who have been issuing a temporary tag to notify the DHSMV of the transfer while the permanent metal plate reassignment is processed. Now, dealers can move a customer’s metal plate to the purchased vehicle on-the-spot and electronically report that transfer to the DHSMV without issuing a paper tag. A temporary metal plate transfer creates a temporary registration and does not replace the paperwork necessary to process a title and permanent metal plate transfer.

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