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DirectPost-Office is a certified mail service with a suite of letter and form tools designed to help businesses easily create, send, and track state-required documents from one simple online platform. Choose from Auto Data Direct’s state-approved forms, and we will print and send your documents via USPS Certified Mail. Conveniently send certified mail from your computer without any required supplies or trips to the post office. Just sit back, click, and track!

Merge Vehicle Records into Required Forms

Auto Data Direct offers form tools that were created to allow tow operators, vehicle storage facilities, marinas, and auto mechanic shops to conveniently merge vehicle records from DMV123 into state-required notification letters and lien forms.

List of documents available by state:

  • Alabama
    • Alabama Notice of Claim of Lien
  • Florida
    • Florida Duval Parking Enforcement Notice of Sale (only)
    • Florida Mechanic’s Notice of Claim of Lien
    • Florida Notice of Impound for Recovery Agents
    • Florida Notice of Nonjudicial Sale of Vessel
    • Florida Notice to Owner That Motor Vehicle is Available for Pickup (TL-36 B)
    • Florida Notice to Surrender Motor Vehicle (HSMV 82192)
    • Florida Tax Collector Bad Check Letter
    • Florida Towing Notice of Claim of Lien and Sale
    • Florida Towing Re-Notice of Sale (only)
  • Georgia
    • Georgia Abandoned Motor Vehicle Notice (GA-AMV)
    • Georgia Notification to Magistrate (GA-MAG 40-01 and 40-02)
  • Indiana
    • Indiana Notice of Claim of Lien (only)
    • Indiana Notice of Claim of Lien and Sale
    • Indiana Notice of Claim of Lien and Sale less than $3500
  • Mississippi
    • Mississippi Notification of Lien
    • Mississippi Notification of Sale
  • Missouri
    • Missouri Vehicle Owner and Lienholder Notification (DOR-4577)
  • North Dakota
    • North Dakota Notification of Lien
  • Tennessee
    • Tennessee Notice of Claim of Lien
  • Texas
    • Texas Notification Letter
    • Texas Notification Letter (Second Notice)
  • For every state that is not listed above:

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