Texas DirectPost-Office Services

DirectPost-Office (DPO) tools allow Texas tow companies and storage facilities, with minimal data entry, to mail certified letters without ever leaving the office! DPO significantly reduces the time, effort and expense involved in sending certified notification letters to owners and lienholders.

For over seven years, DirectPost-Office (DPO) has successfully operated its certified letter program in Florida and expanded its letter tools into Texas in 2009.

DirectPost-Office helps to streamline the notification process in a cost- effective way. With just a few clicks, users can retrieve real-time Texas vehicle records, create notification letters, electronically deliver the notification letters to the Post Office, track the delivery of the letters, print the delivery detail, complete title forms and print paperwork to take to the tax assessor-collectors’ office, all while on the computer. DPO’s time- saving electronic certified mail tools can be accessed by ADD users with no contracts, no annual fees and no postage meter hardware to deal with.

DPO is an innovative web-based tool that allows tow companies and storage facilities to:

  • Access Texas motor vehicle records
  • Create notification letters with data pre-populated from the motor vehicle record
  • Submit certified letters to USPS from your computer
  • Access Direct Post Delivery Detail
  • Add forms such as a storage lien for VSF’s to your “packet of letters”
  • Print “packet” to take to the tax assessor-collectors’ office

DPO also provides:

  • A more economical solution than postage meter machines
  • No annual fees
  • Instant access to Texas motor vehicle inquiries
  • Instant access to multiple out of state motor vehicle inquiries
  • Knowledgeable, live customer support, 7 am -7pm (central) Monday-Friday

Auto Data Direct (ADD) and Collision Management (CM) pair up to provide vital tools for the towing industry.

Auto Data Direct, Inc. and Collision Management (CM) www.collisionmanagement.com have collaborated to integrate their respective services to create the first fully electronic management system for the tow industry. Jim Taylor, president of ADD said, “After eight years of providing the Florida tow industry with electronic certified mail and electronic motor vehicle records, ADD began to explore market opportunities in Texas. Over the years we had met the guys from Collision Management, Nigel, Drew, and Chris, at various tow shows and we both recognized that each company was a solid and reliable vendor. However, it only took one walk across the aisle and a day or two of discussions to realize that by collaborating we could develop something truly unique, a home run for the tow industry and a major cost reduction for VSF’s, by seamlessly integrating our respective products.”

Both companies remain independent entities, but for Texas tow operators and VSF owners, the availability of these seamlessly integrated products provide a means of staying fully TDLR office compliant within the increasingly complex financial and regulatory requirements of the Texas tow industry. Staying compliant is a major challenge for many operators, but it is not the only benefit; seamlessly integrating both VTS Classic and DirectPost‐Office products will save time and money for customers by streamlining and organizing their administrative processes.