Nevada ELT Services

Nevada Electronic Lien and Title Services

On October 1, 2016 an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) process will become mandatory for any Nevada business that finances 27 or more vehicles, vessels or mobile homes per year. Full mandatory ELT participation requirement will follow fall of 2017. The Nevada system is now accepting lienholder applications.

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ADD’s ELT services include national lien recording and LienLock123 Secure Lien Monitoring free of charge for Electronic Lien and Title customers. ADD ELT customers receive notification in the event a lien asset is:

  • Reported stolen
  • Offered for sale on eBay
  • Intended for export …and more.

ADD also offers access to all other ELT states.

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If you already have an ADD account, you can add ELT access at no additional sign-up cost! You’ll simply need to complete the required forms, sign, and fax or email them to ADD. For ADD customers, our easy-to-use ELT system is integrated into the current ADD account dashboard, and as always, ADD provides the best service and best pricing available.

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Questions? Check out the Nevada ELT FAQs, or email Auto Data Direct’s friendly and knowledgeable customer support representatives.

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