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Total Loss Reporting (NMVTIS) for Insurance Carriers

Effective March 30, 2009, federal rules require insurance carriers to report total loss data to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) contracts with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to provide insurance carriers the ability to upload the required total loss vehicle information to NMVTIS.

Insurance carriers are required to provide NMVTIS with the following information on every salvage vehicle obtained, including total loss vehicles:

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Date upon which the automobile was obtained or designated as a total loss
  • Name of the individual or entity from whom the automobile was obtained
  • Who possessed the automobile when it was designated a total loss
  • Name of the owner of the automobile at the time of the filing of the report with NMVTIS (either the insurance company or the owner, if owner-retained)

The report must provide information on all automobiles of the current model year and the four previous model years that the carrier has obtained possession of, or has declared are junk automobiles or salvage automobiles. DOJ strongly encourages carriers to immediately report the designation of a vehicle as total loss (within 24 hours), but the report must be made within 30 days of the total loss declaration.

Reporting Methods

ADD has designed its system to fit into carriers' current business processes by providing three reporting methods with a Full Service account, including individual vehicle entry, batch upload using a spreadsheet, and business-to- business processing which can be arranged with the an insurer’s IT staff. Basic Service Accounts include individual entry and emailed confirmation receipts.

Reporting can be as frequent as desired, but not less than monthly. The Department of Justice encourages all insurers to submit information to NMVTIS within 24 hours to prevent fraud and theft and to protect consumers. Once data is reported, ADD’s system allows the carrier to generate proof of compliance through an easy-to-use interface.

Meet the Requirement at a Low Cost

At $0.81* per web-based/electronic upload,** ADD’s easy-to-use service helps insurers meet the reporting requirement at a low cost.

ADD’s NMVTIS upload tools are designed to help insurers fulfill the reporting requirement quickly and easily. Two account types are available to suit any size business or upload volume. Full Service accounts include individual vehicle entry, batch vehicle entry using a spreadsheet and business-to-business processing which can be arranged with the customer’s IT staff, all for a low per-report fee. Basic Service accounts include no-cost individual entry and emailed confirmation receipts.

For Full Service accounts, ADD will set up a pre-paid account that will be debited with each upload. There is a one-time account activation fee of $250 and ADD asks that you provide an initial working balance of $50, which means users can get started for as little as $300.

For Full Service account holders who also need to make vehicle inquiries, ADD offers a discounted vehicle history report rate of $2.87 per NMVTIS inquiry.

*Insurance reports are $0.81 per upload, regardless of who makes the report (the insurance carrier, a third party claims administrator, a salvage pool, etc.).

**Please note: an “upload” is defined as a single vehicle record on a specific day from a specific reporting entity.

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