NMVTIS Upload Account Types

Full service suite of features

NMVTIS Upload Account Features

One-time activation fee and low per-record fee - Full Service requires a one-time account setup fee of $250 and a $50 deposit in your pre-paid account. There are no contracts or annual fees for NMVTIS reporting services.

Upload prices are determined by industry. Insurance carriers are only required to make a single report for vehicles of the current model year and the previous four model years. The salvage industry must report EVERY vehicle regardless of age, and most often reports each vehicle twice. Towing companies must report all junk or salvage vehicles they have purchased for a monetary amount or in lieu of towing and storage costs, or have obtained the right to sell (for parts or in whole), rebuild, restore, or crush, or for which they have obtained a salvage certificate, certificate of destruction or similar document.

ADD’s per web-based/electronic upload cost for Salvage vehicle upload is based on volume, calculated from a 3-month rolling average of previous uploads.

Fewer than 999 uploads per month:$0.35 per record
1,000 to 4,999 uploads per month:$0.30 per record
5,000 to 9,999 uploads per month:$0.25 per record
10,000 or more uploads per month:Contact us for pricing.

ADD’s per-report upload cost for Insurance vehicle upload is $0.75

Single Entry - Time saving profiles automatically fill in required company information.

Batch Entry - Batch Entry lets users transfer batches of NMVTIS information collected on an Excel spreadsheet through our website. ADD’s Batch Entry allows the upload of a high volume of vehicles at one time.

Record Manifest - ADD’s Record Manifest gives users access to a full reporting history with a customizable list of uploaded vehicles, spreadsheet export, Cash for Clunkers tracking, partial VIN search, easy updates and detailed record receipts.

Management System Compatibility - Many management systems and software companies provide specially formatted batch files to help users report NMVTIS information. Users can upload these files to ADD through the Batch Upload with a few mouse clicks.

A uto-fill Company Profiles - Select certain fields to be pre-filled on the Individual Entry reporting page. Profiles remember company name, address, phone number, NMVTIS ID and PIN number so it doesn’t have to be entered manually with every report.

Spreadsheet Export - Export customized reports from the Record Manifest into spreadsheet format. Manifest export is great for proof of compliance and Cash for Clunkers audits.

Detailed Confirmation Receipts - Confirmation receipts provide printable proof of reporting, and include a “snapshot” of all information submitted for a VIN.

Easy Edit tool - When it ’s time for a vehicle to be crushed, the Edit function in the Record Manifest re-opens the original record so that updates can be made submitted within seconds.

XML Business to Business interface - A Business to Business interface facilitates the transfer of data using an XML format, which allows batch reporting of high volumes of information. Technical staff is required to help set up this interface.

VIN Validation tool - ADD ’s VIN validation tool allows users to quickly validate a single VIN and immediately begin a new record report from the validation page. Batch Entry users can paste a column of VINs from a spreadsheet to validate multiple VINs before upload.

Batch History Viewer - Keep track of previous batch entries and see detailed results of each batch upload.

Easy Amendment tool - Easily correct errors in records that have been accepted by the NMVTIS database.

Discounted Vehicle History Reports - Access to NMVTIS Vehicle History reports at the reduced price of $2.50 per report. Histories include state title information, title brands such as flood or rebuilt and Junk, Salvage and Insurer reporting of the vehicle, including total loss information. Reports also may include lien an d national theft information, when available.*

*Lien and national theft information is provided by ADD, and is not a provided through NMVTIS.

Basic NMVTIS Service Upload Account Features

No activation fee and free upload

Single Entry - Basic single entry requires manual entry of all information

VIN Validation - Integrated VIN validation helps prevent VIN errors before submission.

Email Summary Receipts - Basic Service receipts are sent to the registered user after successful upload and upon acceptance by the NMVTIS database. Receipts include the record VIN and a Record ID number.

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