Insurance Industry Discovers Efficiency and Accuracy with ADD

for Letters on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 by Beth Williams

The ADD team recently attended the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) in Baltimore, Maryland, to promote its DMV123 and TitleCheck services. The insurance industry has discovered the many benefits of ADD’s single platform for retrieving vitally important motor vehicle records for use in claims processing, underwriting, and claims investigations.

Insurers nationwide realize the ability to access real-time records from 36 states (and growing) is key to increasing efficiency in operations and accuracy in determining ownership and value of vehicles involved in a claim. ADD’s DMV123 service allows its customers to instantly retrieve owner/lienholder information in real-time, ensuring the record provides the most recent data available on a vehicle.

ADD’s TitleCheck inquiry provides instant access to the National Motor Vehicle Information System (NMVTIS) which offers a look at a vehicle’s title and brand history. Titlecheck allows an insurer to review possible brands placed on a vehicle prior to a claim that may affect the vehicle’s value for underwriting. As an added benefit, for those insurance companies needing to report a vehicle to the NMVTIS database, ADD is one of three Department of Justice approved Junk, Salvage, Insurance consolidators, and offers a reporting tool as part of its comprehensive services.

For insurers and many other qualified industries, ADD’s single-platform for vehicle information improves efficiency by allowing multi-state searches without the hassle of reaching out to individual state DMV offices. ADD retrieves the record and pays the state fee on behalf of its customers, so there’s just one payment account to manage. For national companies with offices in multiples states, the ability to have unlimited account users allows regional and local offices to complete claims processing work without having to funnel requests through a centralized office.

ADD’s secure, efficient, and cost-effective system is the nation’s leader in providing access to real-time motor vehicle records. For more information, email ADD at or call one of their friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (866) 923-3123, 8 AM to 8 PM EST. Se habla español.