Reporting LA Flood Cars to NMVTIS


As a result of the recent flooding in Louisiana, the timely reporting of flood-damaged vehicles to NMVTIS will be very important for the businesses that handle the influx of water logged cars.

While there is not yet a count of cars destroyed or damaged, estimates put the numbers at least in the five-figure range. One of the primary roles of NMVTIS is to make sure that salvage events in a vehicle's history are available to a potential buyer. In cases such as the recent flooding and in light of the anticipated high volume of non-repairable flood-damaged automobiles, it is crucial that the vehicles are reported to NMVTIS in a timely manner. DOJ encourages NMVTIS Reporting Entities to submit NMVTIS reports on a daily basis (or as soon as possible, even before the deadline for reporting).

ADD has a batch process that allows for the reporting of higher volumes of vehicles. If your business is handling a large number of flood vehicles and is not already utilizing the batch process, we're here to help. ADD is committed to the consumer protection benefits of NMVTIS and to helping our business users meet the reporting requirements quickly and easily.

For more information about higher volume reporting options, email ADD or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (866) 923-3123. Se habla espaƱol.