Dealer Services Presents: Did You Know...?


There are many moving parts in the ADDTag system and since ADD is always making improvements there are always new features to explore.

Here are a few handy tips:

See All of Your Work In One Tidy Screen
Did you know you can easily view all the work that has been issued by your dealership by clicking “Tools”, then “Issuance Transaction Logbook”? This will allow you to instantly get a detailed log of all the work that has been done under a given dealer license—these results can be quickly filtered by issuance time or time frame. This is a great resource to have in order to comply with FLHSMV audits or requests. The logbook can be exported to an Excel friendly document.

What To Do When You Hit Submit For Review
If you accidentally hit “Submit For Review” in an EFS transaction or you know you need to correct either your paperwork or some other data in the transaction, you will need to contact your processing tag agency in order to “Reject” the issuance so that your changes may be made. Make sure that if you’re contacting the tag office regarding an EFS transaction you have your FLHSMV log number handy. This can be found under “Issuance Details”.

FIADA Town Hall – Knowledge Is Power
Take advantage of great educational resources like the FIADA Town Hall. The next town hall meeting is scheduled on Friday, January 12, 2018 and will be held at the DoubleTree Palm Beach Gardens from 10am—2pm .

Dealers can have the opportunity to attend the meeting and bring up issues you’ve been having and ask industry experts questions. This is valuable for all ADD customers, but especially for EFS customers who have paperwork related questions. Visit for more information or to register. Auto Data Direct will be attending, so come out and say hi!

If you have questions or need further training regarding ADDTag please email us, contact ADD’s customer service line at 866-923-3123. They can also put you in touch with regional sales representatives to provide in-office assistance. Se habla Español.